"Creating a circulair economy with a focus on biobased"

How does the keeper system work?

As demonstrated in the video, the Keeper® system is simple and labour friendly. Besides its simplicity the system is also characterized by its sustainability and effectiveness. Below you can read what other advantages the Keeper® system offers.

More elegant, more effective

The entire system is located underground. This makes it resistant to vandalism. It is also better for the saplings, because the vulnerable bark and trunk do not scrape and are not pressurized. Moreover, trees that are able to move freely above the ground move more naturally en grow up to 30% faster.

Genuinely biodegradable

All materials used in the Keeper® system are biologically degradable, including the NatuRope that anchors the tree. The entire systems composts after the tree has developed his roots enough to stand on its own. Nothing polluting remains in the soil.

A complete system

The Keeper® system also contains products for water management. There is a watering drain called NatuDrain and a watering sheet called NatuSheet. These are also 100% biologically degradable and 100% harmless to the environment. After installation the system requires little to no aftercare.

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