"Creating a circulair economy with a focus on biobased"

Workshops & Consultancy

Natural Plastics offers professional consultancy on themes and issues related to Cradle to Grave. Our consultancy services cover a wide range of topics in this area. We apply proven solutions such as our scan on the use of plastics in your organization. Also available are consultancy services related to the legislation enacted by the Government regarding sustainable purchasing 2010, possibilities for funding, pollution, sustainable plastics, etc.

Natural Plastics also organizes workshops for businesses, government organizations and other interested parties. Workshops that can cover various topics, such as:

  • Pollution by plastics;
  • Environmental consequences of plastics;
  • Bio-plastics explained;
  • The differences between degradable, bio-degradable and compostable;
  • The plastic soup (ocean);
  • Cradle To Grave;
  • Green, sustainable purchasing by the Dutch government;

In our office we can accommodate workshops for up to 24 attendees. Should you prefer a workshop at a more convenient location, such as your own office, please let us know. Please feel free to contact us for further information.