"Creating a circulair economy with a focus on biobased"

Keeper System

Natural Plastics has designed, patented and produced a complete line of products that is the most sustainable system for planting trees. The system ensures anchoring, watering and venting, root guidance and protection of young and precious sapling. The instruction video shows clearly how a tree is planted with the use of this system.


The Drivers are needed for effective placement of the Eco Keeper.

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Natural Plastics has developed a rope/cable from 100% biological polymers. The quality, strength and usage is similar to rope made of polypropylene and nylon.

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The Eco Keeper is a patented product that is the most important part of our underground tree anchoring system.

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NatuSheet is used for watering purposes, root guidance and protection.

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NatuDrain is a venting and watering drain (perforated flexible hose) which supports trees in their growth.

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